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​​​Ep. 81: Sea-Bears and Fairy Tales are Real

On this episode, John and Stacey go in depth on several recent news stories including another revelation about the Pentagon and UFOs...or UAPs, a ghost story, a mysterious discovery, and much more weird and unusual stories!​


And now for the news links:

Pentagon Finally Admits it Investigates UFOs

UFO Researcher Stanton Friedman Dies, Aged 84

App State Scientific Team Just Filmed UFO Footage Over North Carolina's Brown Mountains

Geologists Discover Largest Underwater Volcano, Explain Weird Hum Heard Around the World

Bristol University Has Withdrawn Claim that One of Their Academics Cracked a 15th Century Manuscript

NASA Finds Water, 'Organic Molecules' on Mysterious Ultima Thule

Pilot Films UFO Hurtling Through Sky From Cockpit

Shetland Men Relive Encounters with the White Wife as Community Council Plans to Erect Life-Size Statue of the Ghost

Rome Opens Up Exorcism Course to All Major Christian Faiths to Fight Rising Demonic Forces

More Mysterious 'Jars of the Dead' Unearthed in Laos

Real Life 'Death Star' Laser Vaporizes Matter

Tower of London Saved From Prophesied Demise After First Ravens in 30 Years Hatch Inside

French Village Offering Cash Reward if You Can Decipher a Mysterious, Centuries Old Rock Inscription

Panic as Meteor Causes Blue and Purple Light to Illuminate the Sky Over Australia

Lily Collins Says She was Visited by the Ghosts of Ted Bundy's Victims While Playing His Girlfriend in Netflix Movie

Robbie Williams Reveals 'Angels' is Actually About Ghosts He "Talked To" as a Child

And here is the link for the video John was talking about. The documentary on flat earth.

The Greatest Deception

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