Welcome back to the next episode of the Paranormal Sideshow Podcast. This week's main attraction is all about the Mandela Effect. John and Stacey are joined by friends Travis Moulden and Allen Marston to discuss what the Mandela Effect is, some examples, and some possible theories. This episode might just blow your mind!

First, some paranormal news links for the stories John and Stacey talked about:

Mummified Alien Found In Peru?

John said on the show that he remembered an older story similar to this one. I looked and found this article which is really similar...

Scientists Discover Mummified Alien In Peru (from 2011)

Back to our current news stories....

Mysterious Object Seen Over Japan After Earthquake

Second Pyramid Found In Kukulkan At Chichen Itza

Hundreds of UFO's on the Moon Or Optical Illusion?

NASA and FEMA Rehearse for Asteroid Disaster

Mothman Sighting In Point Pleasant

Want to find out more about Mothman, visit Nick Redfern's World of Whatever and type "mothman" in the search box.

For more information on the Mandela Effect, visit mandelaeffect.com.

Here is the video John mentions about the Mandela Effect that has some evidence. Check it out!

The Mandela Effect Is Real And I Can Prove It

Thanks for listening and be sure to join us for the next great episode!

Ep 8: The Mandela Effect