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​​​Ep. 76: Conspiracies Are Everywhere

Welcome back to the newest episode full of paranormal news and discussion. On this episode, several stories that revolve around conspiracies, also more mysterious chaff, an unidentified sea creature, a strange object on Mars, and much more!



And now for the news links:

Mysterious Cloud of Chaff Lights Up Radar Over New Mexico

Wooly Mammoth Cells Brought Back to Life in Shocking Scientific Achievement

Dozens Injured in Japan After Boat Hits Massive Unidentified Sea Creature

Legend of Bigfoot Resurfaces in Medical Lake After Tracks Spotted Near Road

Strange Object Spotted on Mars

Untouched Moon Samples From Apollo Missions to be Studied for the First Time

Scientists Unable to Explain Anomalous Seismic Activity in Florida's Space Coast

Tom DeLonge to "Expose New Evidence About UFOs" in New History Channel Series

Nottingham Catacombs to be Opened to Visitors for the First Time Ever

Stockton Man Caught on Camera Trying to Burn Down Neighbor's House to 'Get Rid of Ghost'

John and Stacey also talked about this article. It's an interesting read:

An Experienced Psychiatrist Claims: 'Demons Are For Real And They Are Very Nasty'

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