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This week is a special episode of the Paranormal Sideshow Podcast! After some discussion on the recent paranormal news,  John and Stacey share stories and evidence from some of their favorite investigations. These are some of their best EVP captures! This will be the first time John and Stacey have shared these on their show so prepare to be amazed!

But first, the links for the news:

Erich Von Daniken Gets Award, Claims Aliens Will Return Within 20 Years

Podesta Emails UFO Breakdown

Mysterious 'Ping' Noise From Sea Floor

November Supermoon

Discovery In Australia Made During Bathroom Break

New 'Mud Dragon' Dinosaur Found In China

Mysterious Object Crashes In Myanmar

UFO Seen During Lightning Strike

Two Men Plotted To Blow Up HAARP To 'Release Souls'

Now, for the main attraction. Here are the evps we talk about and share.

Listen to the episode to get all the details and background information for these captures.

Ep 7: ​Best Evidence, Part 1

This next evp is the longer version of the one above. We didn't play it on the show because the last part is a little more difficult to hear. Grab some headphones and see if you can pick it out!