John and Stacey bring you a host of amazing news and discussion this week including more suspicious animal deaths, space news, conspiracy talk, and much more! They even count down their top 10 favorite horror movies for Halloween.

​In the opening, John and Stacey listed their top 10 Halloween movies. 

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Here are the links for the news:

We dropped in a story to start it off about the mysterious Youtube outage. Here are the links for that information:

Pakistan Causes Youtube Outage for Two-Thirds of the World

Video About Youtube Outage (with strange sky footage)

Now for the rest of the news links:

Cattle Mutilations Baffle Williams Rancher

Mysterious Animal Found Without Head, Feet in Danish Forest

Mysterious Deep Space Flashes: 19 More FRBs Found

Child 'Vampire' Was Buried 1,550 Years Ago in Italy

Viking Ship and Cemetery Found Buried in Norway

Easter Island Heads Mystery Solved?

NASA to Make Huge Decision in the Hunt for Alien Life on Mars

Space X Ambitious Timeline to Colonize Mars

Here we talked about some UFO sightings that were deleted from Facebook. Here is the picture of one of those.

Parents Dump 45 Pupils at Budaka Police Station Over Suspected Demon Attacks

Markting Play or Message From Beyond?

18 Things That Can Be Mistaken For Ghosts

Jenna Bush Hager Shares Creepy White House Story

Zak Bagans Now Owns Charles Manson's Bone Fragments

Student May Have Handed Out Cookies Made With Grandparents' Ashes

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​​Ep. 65: Chilling News, Compelling Conspiracy, and Coffin Cookies?