Welcome to another episode of the Paranormal Sideshow. On this episode, John and Stacey discuss some awesome stories about UFO sightings, a mysterious man (angel), some iconic ghost stories, plus much more. John also includes one of his Top 10 lists! Don't miss it!

Here are the links for the news:

​​UFO Spotted Over Myrtle Beach

Mystery Object Washes Up on Seabrooke Island

Researchers Looking For Planet X Find 'The Goblin'

Life Found Thriving 2,000 Feet Underground

Scientist Find Home of 'Oumuamua' Space Object

NBA Star Apologizes for Infamous Flat Earth Endorsement

3 College Students Talk About Their 'Miracle' on the Mountain

Girl, 8, discovers 1,500-year-old Viking Sword in Swedish Lake

The Haunted States of America: Iconic Ghosts of the Union

Creepy Dolls 'Invade' Russian City

Man Says Ghost Planted Meth on Him After He Was Attacked With Axe

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​​Ep. 64: UFOs, Mysteries, and Meth Slinging Specters