Welcome back to the Paranormal Sideshow! This episode is full of some of the strangest news yet. Included are more stories of animals mysteriously missing all the blood in their bodies, a ghost sighting, possible demon possession, suspicious conspiracy theory activity, a few updates, and much more! 

Here are the links for the news:

​​Closure of National Solar Observatory Shrouded in Mystery

Microwave Weapons Could Be the Culprit Behind the Mysterious Embassy Attacks

Unexplained Pulling Forces Two Planes Down in Tulare County

Dead Cows Found with Udders, Ears, and Tongues Removed

'Gargoyle' Spotted in Puerto Rico

Man Held After Sucking Blood From Animals, Killing Them

Young Blood: An Elixir That Prevents Age-Related Diseases, Study Reveals

SETI Neural Networks Spot Dozens of New FRBs

Alien Life Could Exist on World's Overflowing with Water, New Research Suggests

Ghost Sighting Reported to Police

 Psychic Predicts Location of Woman's Beloved Lost Dogs

Paranormal Investigator Fires Gun at 'Ghost'

Drunk Man Gets Beaten up By Tiny Squirrel Monkeys

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​​Ep. 62: Mark of the Vampire