​​Ep. 60: Power of the Pyramids

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Join John and Stacey for their very last episode from the North! This episode is full of news ranging from an awesome discovery about the great pyramid, to space news, an odd creature, ghost possession, and much more!

Here are the links for the news:

​​The Great Pyramid Might Focus Electromagnetic Energy in its Chambers

Interview with Buzz Aldrin   (Viral excerpt starts at 7:10)

Space Force - New Details

Strange Object Flying Past Jupiter - Video

Rash of Missing Person Reports in Iowa

Worms Frozen in Permafrost for 42,000 Years Come Back to Life

'Ghost' Fears Shut Down School

Mysterious Booms in East Tennessee

New FRB Discovered 

Scientists Revise the RIO Scale

        RIO Scale Revision Proposal

        RIO Scale Online Calculator

Strange Oozing Substance in Michigan

Eerie Figure Stalks Moose - Video

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