Hello and welcome back for another episode of the Paranormal Sideshow! This week's main attraction is all about mysterious books! John and I each talk about several different strange and unusual manuscripts that are maybe not too well known. We also tell about our Halloween, some awesome paranormal television shows, and, of course, go over some awesome news! Let's get to those links:

Here are some links for the television shows we discussed:

Paranormal Lockdown

Ghost Adventures

Kindred Spirits

Here are the links for the news stories:

'Alien Coins' Found In Egypt

UPDATE: Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved

Two Astronomers Claim Signal From 234 Stars Could Possibly Be Alien

Strange Anomaly Filmed In Alaska River

Get A Free 'Haunted' Plant For Halloween

UPDATE: Dracula's Castle Winners

Scottish Witchcraft Book From 1658 Published Online

We then went on to discuss the main attraction....mysterious manuscripts! Here are some links for the books we discussed and a few others as well!

The Rohonc Codex

The Book of Soyga

Chronicle of Portents and Prophecies

The Story of the Vivian Girls

The Ripley Scrolls

Smithfield Decretals​​​ 

Ep 6: Mysterious Manuscripts And Where To Find Them

Those are the books we discussed. If you want to read about more mysterious manuscripts, including our favorites that we didn't discuss today, check out these links:

The Voynich Manuscript

The Devil's Bible

Popol Vuh

The Red Book

That is all for this week. Be sure to join us next time.