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​​Ep. 55: Upon a New June Moon

On this episode of the sideshow, John and Stacey discuss some awesome recent news stories including the NASA announcement, more mysterious illnesses, a widow's ghost, an unknown creature, and much more! They also recount some stories of children who remember their past lives.

Before the news, I just want to put a link here for this video that John mentioned. It's not paranormal...just funny.

Censored Count Song

Here are the links for the news:

NASA Finds Ancient Organic Matter on Mars

Cuba Releases Details of Mysterious Health Incident Involving US Official

Woman Sues NASA to Keep Moon Dust Neil Armstrong Gave Her

Tour the Site of the Roswell UFO Crash

'Widow's Ghost' Blamed For Mysterious Deaths

Local Psychic Credited With Finding Missing Woman

Sheep Killing By 'Mysterious Creature' Worries Farmers

Strange 'Half Bird - Half Fish' Caught By Fishermen in China

Druze Toddler Amazes Experts By Speaking English Without Having Learned It

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