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This episode of the paranormal sideshow has John and Stacey going over some interesting news including some NASA news, conspiracy theories, and strange animal behavior. They also go over the strangeness that has happened over the past week!

Here are the links for the news:

NASA Announcement - What Has the Curiosity Rover Found?

I-team Exclusive Report on Tic Tac UFO

Mysterious Booms in PA Explained

Meteorite Over China

Meteorite Over Botswana

Bill Gates - We Are Not Ready For a Pandemic

      Melinda Gates Interview

      Article from 2013 about Bill Gates

MKUltra Victims File Lawsuit in Canada

       Graphic of Corporations and What They Own

Catholic Church Investigating 'Weeping' Virgin Mary Statue

Hundreds of Birds Fall From the Sky in Russia

Haunted Pub For Sale in UK

Ghost Hunt at Most Haunted Prison in Britain

Dog Spends 3 Days Staring at Blue Wall and No One Knows Why

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​​Ep. 54: John and Stacey's Dog and Pony Show