On this episode, John and Stacey tell some interesting haunted stories and discuss the latest paranormal news. News stories this week include a mysterious wolf-like creature, unexplained illness, miraculous objects surviving a fire, a zombie warning, a curse, and much more!

Here are the links for the news:

Strange Wolf-Like Animal Killed in Montana Puzzles Wildlife Officials

US Consulate Worker in China Suffered Injury After Odd Sounds Similar to Cuba Case

Kiwi Scientists to Lead New Hunt for Loch Ness Monster

Government Report on Warp Drive, Dark Energy, and Extra Dimensions

Sinkhole Opens on the White House Lawn

        Sinkhole Opens a Mar-A-Lago

Religious Relics Survive Blaze

         Catholic Herald Article

Canberra Man Falls Victim to the Uluru Curse

Florida City Looks For Answers After a 'Zombie Alert' Was Sent to Residents

San Diego County Crematorium Accident Sends Cloud of Human Remains Into Air

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​​Ep. 53: Time Slips and Death Rays

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