Welcome back to a brand new episode! On this show, John and Stacey talk about some interesting news, and several stories revolve around Jupiter and it's moons. Also in the news, an update to a conspiracy theory, strange pig behavior, memory transplants in snails, sea creatures, and more!

Here are the links for the news:

'Memory Transplant' Achieved in Snails

Another Interstellar Asteroid Discovered

       How Asteroids Are Named

Exciting New Evidence That a Real Planet 9 Is Out There

Strange Readings From 21-Year-Old Data Reveal New Evidence of Water on Europa

China Has Taken First Step Towards Landing on the Dark Side of the Moon

Recent Uptick of UFO Sightings in Maine

Adolf Hitler Definitely Died in WWII, New Research Says

Mysterious Sea Creature Washes Up in the Phillippines

Strange Pig Follows Man Home - North Ridgeville PD Facebook Post

Pennsylvania Police Clarify That There Are No Zombies

 At the end of the show, Stacey talks about another news story she saw but didn't include with the regular news. Check out the photos in the story:

Kelsey Park Beckenham: ‘Ghost’ spotted in the lake       


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​​Ep. 52: The Mystery of Jupiter

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