This episode of the Sideshow is a very special tribute to the late Art Bell. John and Stacey discuss some of Art's accomplishments and recount a few of the more memorable episodes, topics, and guests from Art's time on Coast to Coast AM. They add in some personal stories and memories, and, as always, still cover some of the more interesting news stories from the past week. 

Here are the links for the news:

Art Bell Passes Away At Age 72

      Shadow People Contributions

      Mel's Hole

NASA Almost Missed Asteroid That Passed Close To Earth

Another 'End of the World' Prediction

    Article about David Meade in Christianity Today

Canada Pulls Diplomats From Cuba Over Mystery Illness

Sheffield Orders New Landing Spot for UFO Monument

The Silurian Hypotheses: How Do We Know That Humans Were The First Civilization On Earth?

Baboons Used Barrels to Escape Research Facility

Amazon Alexa Spouts Strange Answer About Chemtrails

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Ep. 48: For Whom The Bell Tolls