John and Stacey are back with more news and stories from the past week. They discuss some updates of previous stories, more strange animal behavior, new discoveries, and much, much more! 

Before we get to the news, John mentioned a video that everyone should check out:

Video Sent In By Nicolas Zurita Perea

          Or watch it here

Another story we mentioned before we hot into the news:

Finnish Research Project Probes Stigma of the Paranormal 

Here are the links for the news:

Body of Missing CDC Employee Found in River

Tourist Missing in Dyatlov Pass Found

           Another story about Missing Tourist

Newsweek Article About Buzz Aldrin's Lie Detector Test

     ABC UFO Article

New Nasca Lines Found in Peru

Vital Ingredient For Life Seems to Be Missing From the Universe

Reports of "zombie-like" Raccoons in Youngstown, Ohio

     Youngstown Clothing Co "Zombie Raccoon" T-shirt

Canadian Mint's Newest Coin Showcases Falcon Lake UFO Encounter

Queen Mary Offers Most Haunted Stateroom to Rent

Huge Dinosaur Footprints Found on Scottish Coast

16th Century Painting Found In Museum Storeroom

New Luxury Hotel in Space

      Aurora Station Website

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Ep. 47: A Matter of Coincidence