John and Stacey are back (after a short delay) with a super news filled episode! They discuss updates to some of their most popular stories, an awesome discovery, weirdness at Dyatlov Pass, and even some strange fungus invading NASA! Be sure not to miss the fun!

Here are the links for the news:

Mad Mike Hughes Finally Launches

            Mad Mike on Facebook

California Woman's Bigfoot Lawsuit Dismissed

New Theory About Strange Voicemail

Genetic Test Result for Atacama 'Alien' Skeleton

Tourist Disappears in Dyatlov Pass

US Military Is Making Lasers That Create Voices Out of Thin Air

Centuries Old Ship Discovered at Alexandria's Waterfront

Never Before Seen (Long Lost) Photo of Winchester Mystery House

Freak Orange Snowstorm Hits Four Countries

NASA 'Clean' Room is Contaminated With Fungus

Kim Wilde Claims UFO Sighting Inspired Her To Return To Music

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Ep. 45: That Delayed Episode