Ep. 44: They Are Not Human

This episode of the Paranormal Sideshow is packed full of some of the strangest news and stories so far this year! John and Stacey discuss an odd voicemail message, breaking news about a missing airplane, space news, a pot of gold, a mysterious sea creature, and much more! Don't miss this one.

In the opening of the show, John and Stacey give their review of the new "Demon House" documentary by Zak Bagans. Here is a link for the news story they mention during that discussion:

CW Las Vegas Experiences Server Crash While Showing Interview About Demon House

Here are the links for the news:

Stephen Hawking Dies, Aged 76

Stanton Friedman is Retiring

Strange Voicemail Mystery - Video Recap

Engineer Claims He Found Missing Flight Using Google Maps

Trump's Shocking 'Space Force' Announcement

NASA Plans Deep-Space Outpost Near the Moon

NASA Twins Study Reported Incorrectly

          Twin Study Article 1 - Jan 31, 2018

          Twin Study Article 2 - Jan 31, 2018

          Twin Study Article - Oct 24, 2017

Brightest FRB Recorded in Australia

Medieval 'pot of gold' Discovered By Construction Workers

Police Mistook Ghost Hunter's Device For A Bomb - And Destroyed It

Mysterious Sea Creature Washes Up on Beach

Dog Uncovers Mysterious Urn on Beach in NJ

Romanian Court Tells Man He is Not Alive

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