Ep. 42: Seagull Invaders From Titan

John and Stacey are back with more news and fun! Stories this week include an awesome discovery uncovered by the recent storms, some conspiracy theories, haunted antiques, strange lights, possession, and much more! 

During the opening, John and Stacey talk about a few stories around the recent storms and what they uncovered!

Nor'easter Uncovers Skeleton of Revolutionary War Era Ship

Tens of Thousands of Starfish Wash Up on Beach After Extreme Weather

Also, if you would like to read about the story John brought up

Killer Nanny Had 'Eyes of the Devil', Claims Witness

Demon House Trailer

Now for the regular news links:

'Planet Parade' To Light Up Night Sky

Scientist Accuses NASA of Hiding Alien Fossil Evidence on Mars

Eerie Scene Over Milwaukee Captured on Camera

                                                  Seagulls (Stop It Now) - Bad Lip Reading

Methane on Saturn's Moon Enceladus Could Be Sign of Life

15 Students in Palawan 'Possessed' By Evil Spirit

Tattoos Found on 5,000 Year Old Egyptian Mummies

7,000 Year Old Native American Burial Site Found Off Of Florida

UK's First Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Center

        Check out their Facebook Page

David Bowie Psychic Story - This is a nice version of the story I found

     David Bowie Psychic Story - This is the article I talk about on the show

Body Vanishes From Funeral Home

Image of Virgin Mary Appears at Hospital in Argentina

13 foot Sci-fi Looking Robot

Not Haunted: Neighbors at Odds Over Realtor's Sign

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