Ep. 41: Everything From The 70's Is Scarier

Welcome back to a brand new episode. This week, John and Stacey discuss stories about the Vatican, what aliens may look like, a missing person mystery, mysterious booms, some cool videos, and much more. But first, some personal stories from the week and maybe a top 10....maybe. Don't miss it.

During the opening, John and Stacey share some stories from their recent family adventures. This picture says it all...

Here are the news links for this episode:

Vatican To Launch New Exorcism Training Course Amid Soaring Demand

​​​​Here's What Aliens Probably Look Like

CDC Employee Missing After Leaving Work Because He Felt Sick Over A Week Ago

Tarot Card Controversy Sparks Heated Debate At Public Hearing

UK's 'Most Haunted Tree' Blamed For Setting Car on Fire

Woman Suing California Agencies For Not Recognizing Existence of Bigfoot

Source of Loud Booms in Middletown Identified

Mysterious Boom Reported in South Carolina

Belarus UFO Video

Underwater Cave Yields Mayan Relics and Giant Sloth Fossils

Thousands of Dead Fish Wash Up On Shore in Argentina

​'Friday the 13th' Sleepover Experience at Camp Crystal Lake

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