Ep. 40: Watch For Falling Ice

Hello and welcome to the Paranormal Sideshow! This episode is full of awesome news and stories including new discoveries, and update on a mysterious sighting, a poltergeist, pieces of UFO wreckage found in a museum archive, and much more! ​

Here are the news links for this episode:

Recordings and Info from Oregon UFO Incident

Skier Lost in NY Has No Idea How He Ended Up In California

Missing Wreckage of UFO is Found, 60 Years Later

Laser Scanning Reveals 'Lost' Ancient Mexican City

Mystery of Over 100 Trees Blown Down in the Middle of the Forest

      Cliff Mass Weather Blog: "The Ultimate Solution"

Mystery of 8,000 Year Old Imapled Human Heads Has Researchers Stumped

Ice Chunk Falls From Sky in London (Video)

'Poop Meteor' Falls From Sky in India

Police Seek Help From Church with Poltergeist Case

Slain Model's Aunt Gets Eerie Phone Call From Dead Niece's Phone

Earthlings Likely To Welcome Alien Life According To New Study

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