Welcome back to the Sideshow. On this episode, John and Stacey bring you a host of awesome news, updates, stories, and random information. Stories include some awesome new discoveries, mass bird death, the Voynich manuscript, a possible curse, and even an update on our adventurous friend, Mad Mike Hughes!

Here are the news links for this episode:

Second Rocket Attempt Fizzles Out For Mad Mike

Scientists Discover Planets OUTSIDE Our Galaxy

Sprawling Mayan Network Discovered

Interlocking Spiral of Skeletons Discovered in Old Grave

1.7 Billion Year Old Chuck of North America Discovered in Australia

Hundreds of Birds Fall From the Sky in Draper

Truck Driver Plows Over Nazca Lines

Computer Scientist Claims to Have Deciphered Voynich Manuscript

New In Search Of Series Hosted by Zachary Quinto

Ford Ranger Ads: Can You Spot Bigfoot and Nessie?

Capcom Offers Reward For Real Cryptid Capture

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Ep. 39: John the Viking