Ep. 33: The 'Spectacular' Exploding Seashell

Join John and Stacey for the newest episode of the Paranormal Sideshow Podcast! This episode covers the JFK files, some new discoveries in space and the Great Pyramid, more village troubles, odd things coming out of the ocean, and much, much more! 

During the show, John mentions a couple of books by Nick Redfern. Check them out here:

The Real Men In Black

Women In Black

     Here are the links for the news:

JFK file release highlights

        Another JFK file article

More Ghostly Activity at Irish School

Small Interstellar Object Discovered Travelling Through the Solar System

Monster Planet, Tiny Star - New Discovery Puzzles Astronomers

Mysterious 'Braid Choppers' Causing More Havoc

Big Void Discovered in Great Pyramid

Bigfoot Believer Takes BC Government to Court

​               Todd Standing's Bigfoot Website - sylvanic.com

Eerie 'Portal' Photographed in Argentina

Mystery of Octopus Crawling on Welsh Beach

Jellyfish Wash Up 'Like Wallpaper' on Australian Beach

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