This episode of the Paranormal Sideshow Podcast covers some fantastic recent news and topics, including stories about bigfoot, ghost possession, aliens, space, and much more. John and Stacey also discuss the big announcement from ESO and some personal stories. 

Before we get to the news, here is the link for the "home remedies" (including groundhog grease) that was mentioned on the show:

     Old Timers Home Remedies - Please Don't Try These At Home

Here are the links for the news on the show:

Planet 9 Could Really Be Out There

Gravitational Wave Announcement From ESO

JFK File Release Could Cause Problems

Politician Running For Congress Claims She Was Abducted By Aliens

Chinese Space Station is Falling Back to Earth

Bigfoot Sighted in Northern California

Dare To Take the Sasquatch Challenge - Halloween Glamping Adventure

Patrick Murray rejoins Bucs, uses Psychic Medium to Help With Game

         Bucs Kicking Curse

Men Flee Indian Village After 'Female Man-Hating' Ghost Scares Them Away

Billy Corgan Talks About His Paranormal Experiences

​Man Claims Aliens Made Him Vandalize Home

Woman Claims She Was Possessed By Ghost From Her Attic

'Dragon' Skeleton Discovered in Chinese Village

Clown Arrests in Israel

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Ep. 31: Beware the Village