John and Stacey are back with the third episode of the Paranormal Sideshow! This weeks main attraction is about our favorite holiday, Halloween! This discussion is preceded by lots of recent paranormal news stories.

Here are the links for the news stories on the episode:

Wikileaks Releases Email About Clinton and Alien Disclosure

Water Plumes Spotted on Europa

Iraqi Transport Minister Claims First Airport Built There 7000 Years Ago

UK Officials Post Video of UFO on Twitter

Camera in Michigan Catches 'Bigfoot'

Denver International Airport Celebrates Their Role in Conspiracies

Sacred Rock Finally Uncovered To Appease Elves

Clown Epidemic

The main event started with a new segment (game) called Did You Know. We are pretty sure Stacey won this one, but you will have to listen to find out! John delves into the history of the holiday we now know as Halloween. Don't miss this interesting discussion!

Episode 3:  I Remember Halloween