‚ÄčEpisode 2:  Let's Talk About Ghosts

Welcome to episode 2 of the Paranormal Sideshow Podcast. This week's main attraction was a discussion on ghosts, theories about ghosts, and much more! John and Stacey are joined by long-time cohort and friend, Travis Moulden.

Here are the links for the news stories we covered in this episode!

Space X Explosion

Video Claiming Space X Was Blown Up By A UFO

Asteroid Narrowly Misses Hitting Earth

UFO Hunters Claim To Have Found An Alien Base

Pub Owner Claims Ghost Was 'Stolen' By Artist

During the episode, John talked about a couple of great EVP's we have caught in the past.

Here is the first one we mentioned, caught at Major Graham Mansion during a Frank's Box session.

Here is the second evp we mentioned. This one was caught while filming our documentary at Major Graham Mansion.

If you want to watch the full documentary, check it out on our Youtube channel!