An episode all about Bigfoot! From different names for Bigfoot and interesting facts to famous sightings and popular theories! Join John and Stacey as they discuss all things Sasquatch!

​But first, as always, some links to the paranormal news:

Eclipse, Comet, and Full Moon on Friday Night

Giant Green Fireball Streaks Into Lake Michigan

Hundreds of Ancient Earthworks Found In Amazon Rainforest

'Lost Continent' Found Under Island in the Indian Ocean

End the ET Truth Embargo in 2017

Astrologer Who Made Wrong Prediction Arrested

British Athletes Claim 'Sex Ghost' Is Haunting Their Reality Show

Manchester Man Finds Bigfoot Print, Maybe.

North Dakota Man Follows Bigfoot Tracks For Seven Miles

New Twist in '7 Mile Long Bigfoot Trail' Case

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Ep. 14: Messin' With Sasquatch