Ep. 13: Unsolved Mysteries

​This episode of the Paranormal Sideshow Podcast deals with unsolved mysteries. During the main event, John and Stacey tell the stories of some of the strangest unsolved mysteries in the world.

​But first, as always, some links to the paranormal news:

CIA Releases 13m Pages of Declassified Documents Online

Hydrogen Turned Into Metal

UFO Emerges From Mexican Volcano (VIDEO)

Mysterious Bird Apocalypse on Houston Highway

End of the World Prediction for February

End of the World Prediction for October

Salem Finalizes Plans For 'Witch' Memorial at Proctor's Ledge

During this episode, John brought some news of his own to talk about!

Here is the graph from the story about the fireballs.

Pretty crazy!

He also brought another story:

Earth May Have Supported Complex Life Before We Arrived

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