​Ep. 12: Paranormal Roundtable

​​​Episode 12 of the podcast is a paranormal roundtable discussion. John and Stacey are joined by Allen Marston for the main attraction. Each person brings their own topic to the table to discuss and get the thoughts and opinions of the others. ​

But first, some links for the paranormal news:

Chilean UFO Footage Released After Two Year Investigation

This story is similar to another one we talked about on a different show:

UK Officials Post UFO Video on Twitter

Alien Hand Found In Peru

Sweden's Queen Silvia Claims Palace is Haunted By Ghosts

Viral "Demon" Photograph

Huge Ouija Board Gets Guinness World Record

After the news, we started the Paranormal Roundtable.

John started with his topic, mysterious booms. Check out this map.

Map of mysterious noises reported

​Allen continued with a further discussion of the Mandela Effect, and he brought more examples including:

Risky Business - what color was his shirt? 

Different Strokes, or Diff'rent Strokes?

the Lindbergh baby, found or not found?

Did a man get run over by the tank in Tiananmen Square?

And a few others.

Stacey finished off the discussions with a recap of some of the amazing things that were discovered in space in 2016, and how strange that many of those discoveries were signals of unknown origin. Are these really newly discovered, or are they just now letting the public know about these types of things?

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