Merry Christmas! Welcome to the Christmas episode of the Paranormal Sideshow Podcast. This episode's main attraction is all about Christmas, the history, some traditions, and ghost stories! Thanks for joining us for our Christmas fun!

First, the news links:

UFO sighting over Buxton, Maine

Meteor Over Mt. Khatadin

Strange Sound In the Mariana Trench​

Snow In The Sahara Desert

Ancient Blood Did Not Liquefy, And That's A Bad Sign

Mysterious Military Action In NY

Strange Picture Taken At Black Magic Mansion

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Ghost Repellant

On our main attraction, we discuss the history of Christmas. John gives a quick run down of some of the history, then we talk about the origins of some of our current traditions. 

Stacey then talks about what a Victorian Christmas was like. Check out this article for more information.

Victorian Christmas

Then we went over a few ghost stories that you can read on Christmas.

1. A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens

2. A Strange Christmas Game - J.H. Riddell

3. Lost Hearts - M.R. James

4. The Tractate of Middoth - M.R. James

5. Smee - A.M. Burrage

Two Billion Year Old Water Found In Canadian Mine

Let me pause here and put a picture of the supposed "5000 year-old nativity scene" cave painting. When you listen to the show, you will hear my thoughts on this.

5000 Year-Old Nativity Scene​

​Ep. 10: The Ghost of Christmas Past