John and Stacey Edwards started their journey into mystery way back in 1997 when they shared a paradigm shifting paranormal experience together. The "Event" sent them down a road together that not too many people traveled in 1997...investigating the paranormal. 
Over the years John has been an independent Pro Wrestler with over 200 episodes of a Nationally Syndicated TV show, The lead singer of a local metal band "Deadlevel", and a successful businessman all up and down the East Coast with a Fortune 300 company. 
Stacey has managed many retail locations and the day to day operations of the Edwards' house (You really wouldn't believe how much that involves!) as well as the business side of the paranormal endeavors. 
After running several organized paranormal teams, John and Stacey started The Haunted South Paranormal Podcast in 2010 along with a few full length documentaries, an app, and many lectures and appearances. 2010 was a year of transition with John and Stacey hitting several Cons and public appearances in support of their local TV Show and Documentaries. 
In 2014 John and Stacey started The Third Side paranormal podcast on the iTunes and a Video Show available free on YouTube! The setting was a 1960's public access late night horror show gimmick and lots of comedy in with paranormal news.

In 2016, John made a special guest appearance on Ghost Brothers, as they investigated one of the most haunted places John has ever experienced.
Since 2012 John and Stacey have been investigating on their own and joining other teams for a night to share ideas and theories. 
The duo have recently published their first book, Til Death and Beyond: The Haunted Journey of John and Stacey Edwards, and getting back to their roots with The Paranormal Sideshow by bringing you stories on The Paranormal, Ufology, Cryptozoology, and the weird in general.