by   Stacey Edwards         8/9/2016

Crop Circle Weird

Clock Stops Mysteriously When Couple Dies Minutes Apart

Henry De Lange, 86, and Jeanette De Lange, 87, were married for 63 years. They were both admitted to the same nursing home where they shared a room. 

On July 31st, the family got a call from the nursing home informing them that the couple were not doing well. Two of the couple's five children went to the home to be with their parents.

​At 5:10pm, Jeanette passed away. 

In an interview with KSFY, one of the family members described what happened:

My brother Keith said to my dad, ‘Mom’s gone to heaven. You don’t have to fight anymore, you can go too if you want.' He was laying in bed. He, for the first time, opened his eyes, looked intently over where mom was. Closed his eyes back down. Laid back down, died about five or 10 minutes after that.

Later, the family noticed that the clock in the room stopped at 5:30pm, the exact time Henry DeLange passed away.

No one could explain why the clock stopped at that exact moment.​