I immediately looked up the website, and it is exactly the same. In the original article it states that the family was gone on vacation for 5 days, which would give someone plenty of time to complete the crop circle.

Or perhaps, this is just some incredible photoshop creation. Either way, I call foul on this one.

Crop Circle Weird

UPDATE 9/14/16: For an in depth investigation and analysis of what happened with this crop circle, check out this article from Earthfiles.com

by   Stacey Edwards         8/15/2016

'Amazing Crop Circle' Looks Just Like Logo

Its the same logo as Mothership Glass in Washington, USA. Mothership Glass is an artisan glass bong maker. The 10 symbols on each side spell "MOTHERSHIP" with the symbol with the 4 dots being the letter H, since thats the only symbol that appears 4 times.

In a recent article on the website blackmorevale.co.uk, a picture of an amazing looking and very intricate crop circle is shown at Ansty Farm Shop, six miles east of Shaftesbury. The article claims that experienced "croppies" say it is the best crop circle they have ever seen.

However, a comment was posted the same day by BTempleton claiming the design was actually a logo from a glassmaker in the United States.