A pair of amateur treasure hunters claim that they may have located a Nazi loot train laden with treasures as diverse as Jewish gold and Russia’s lost, dismantled ‘Amber Room’. Piotr Koper and Andreas Richter went public last year with their possible discovery, but no one has been able to verify their claims so far. Some even suggest that the radar scans they produced were forgeries.

The pair, however, have not been dissuaded by the sceptics, and have obtained permission to excavate a railway siding that was filled-in during the closing days of World War II. 

The dig is set to start on August 16th and there will even be a live stream to catch everything they find (or don't find) during the excavation.

For more information, check out the article at news.com.au.

Update: So, as you may have suspected, they did not find anything in their excavation. What they thought was a tunnel and a train was simply a natural rock formation. The town was not upset though, as they had a boost in tourism.

Treasure Hunters Set To Dig For Nazi Gold Train

by   Stacey Edwards         8/13/2016 Updated: 8/29/16

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